What’s New? The Next Chapter. Civic Park Phase II

Starting on Oct. 1st, 2022, the Eugene Civic Alliance will begin construction on Phase II, a 2,500-seat grandstand at Civic Park. The grandstand will serve to maximize Civic Park’s capacity for community engagement and economic impact.

The grandstand will allow ECA and KS to be able to – for the first time ever – bid for an OSAA play-off game. With sufficient seating capacity, high school teams from southern Oregon, the south coast, and the southern Willamette Valley will be able to play championship series closer to home.

The grandstand seating capacity will also offer an opportunity for local college men’s and women’s soccer teams a practice and game venue and provide opportunities for club teams and adult recreation programs in football, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee to hold regional, state, and showcase tournaments.

Phase II of Civic Park will meet a major need in the community for adequate sports and recreation facilities and create a destination for local and out of town visitors to participate and attend sporting events.

The 2,500-seat grandstand will provide practical amenities to teams and spectators alike that will enhance their playing, visit, and viewing experience. The game day experience will have a significant economic impact on the surrounding community.

The addition of the 2,500-seat grandstand will create a comprehensive facility that will increase educational resiliency through Kidsports activities and youth sports services and will also serve as an economic driver for Kidsports itself, to maintain and sustain its critical community services.

ECA has received $6M in general funds from the State of Oregon and $1M from a Federal HUD/CFP grant for Phase II funding and the organization’s fundraising campaign team, which just successfully completed the $30M Phase I capital campaign, is actively pursuing additional fundraising opportunities for the remainder of the Phase II funding.