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What sports can be hosted at the new facility?

The Kidsports Fieldhouse will house four basketball courts which can be used for other sports such as volleyball, pickleball, badminton, and futsal. The outdoor turf field will accommodate soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee.

Who owns the property?

The property is currently owned by Eugene Civic Alliance. When Eugene School District 4J no longer had a use for the property, it sold to the City of Eugene, with the understanding that the City would then sell the Civic property to Eugene Civic Alliance. The school district used the proceeds from the sale for the maintenance and upgrade of school facilities. In April of 2015, ECA purchased the property from the City of Eugene for $4.1 million.

Why should I support this project when there are other needs the city should address (poor streets, lack of funding for schools, etc.)?

Both Eugene Civic Alliance and Emerald KIDSPORTS are private non-profit 501(c)(3) corporations that are not associated with the City of Eugene or the school district. While we acknowledge the range of needs across our community, our organizations are ideally positioned to create a better future for our community by creating a space for children and adults to improve their health and fitness.

Who will Civic Park serve? Will it be affordable?

Civic Park will be open to all. Kidsports will own and operate the fieldhouse. High schools, clubs and community sports leagues will use both the Fieldhouse and the field for games and activities. Lane United FC will rent the field for home games. Civic Park will be an affordable place for people of all ages to enjoy playing and watching sports. Contact us to find out how your team or organization can get involved and use the space!

Why do we need another sporting facility in Eugene? Aren’t there enough fields and gyms around town?

In recent history, eight elementary schools in Eugene have closed. The closures meant the loss of access to the gyms and fields attached to those schools. With numerous youth and adult sports leagues, and over 14,000 kids participating in Kidsports programs alone, scheduling gym and field time for practice can be the most competitive sport in town! Many of Eugene’s sporting facilities are not for children and community sports. They require membership or elite student-athlete status to enjoy. Civic Park will provide much-needed space for youth and recreational sports teams to compete.

According to the State of Oregon’s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, Eugene needs six more rectangular turf fields for recreational use. Public school gyms are over-scheduled and over-crowded. Given the need, we anticipate that the full-sized multi-purpose turf field will be used all the time. The addition of the Kidsports Fieldhouse will help to lessen the pressure by adding four middle school-size basketball courts.

Why another park in South Eugene?

Civic Park is one of Eugene’s oldest recreational sites. For 70 years, children and adults have played and watched games at Civic. The new facility will be home to a new playing field and indoor sports facility for the community’s use. Civic Park will be open to all residents of the Eugene/Springfield area. It is ideally situated for access by LTD, pedestrians, and bicycles and is only blocks from downtown amenities.

Doesn’t Kidsports already have an office?

No. Kidsports currently rents space for offices and storage from the City of Eugene. The rental does not include adequate space for coaches’ training, youth programs, conferences, sporting practices or events. At Civic Park, for the first time in over 65 years of service to Eugene, Kidsports would own and operate a building that will meet the needs of the 14,000 children it serves.

How is ECA related to Friends of Civic?

ECA and Friends of Civic are two separate organizations with complementary goals. Friends of Civic worked for seven years to raise enough money to preserve the Civic grandstand. ECA was formed with the goal of purchasing the entire property in order to build a new Kidsports Fieldhouse, a new multi-purpose field and to renovate the grandstand. After the fire, ECA’s goal to build a community sports and recreation center remained the same. Friends of Civic has supported ECA from the beginning with one of the Friends of Civic Board members serving on ECA’s Advisory Board.

How often will the field at Civic Park be used?

Our goal is to keep Civic Park active year-round with activities that provide a broad range of community benefits. The new facility will be used by many different groups and programs. We calculate that Kidsports, youth organizations, adult recreational leagues, semi-pro soccer, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and rugby will use the turf field more than 280 days per year. Kidsports will have priority access to the facility but other uses will provide revenue to make Civic Park financially self-sustainable. Contact us to find out how your team or organization can get involved and use the space!

Does the neighborhood around Civic support what you are doing?

Yes. We have the support of a growing list of people and organizations that include Friendly Area Neighbors, the City of Eugene, Eugene Chamber of Commerce, Eugene 4J School District, The Lane County Board of Commissioners, and others. Do you want to get involved and show your support for Civic? Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities or to join our list of officials supporters.

The stadium is gone. Why does it matter now?

In 1937 there was a growing need for an athletic field in Eugene, both for the community and the schools. It was that need, combined with an enthusiastic community, which developed the historic site where Civic Stadium once stood. The stadium was not just a ballpark, but a meeting place, an entertainment venue, and a symbol of community partnership. So why does it matter now?

Now, 80 years later, this need for athletic fields is greater than ever, and Civic Park is the answer. It’s not merely another turf field. It will be a place where kids will learn the joy of fitness and local sports teams can compete. It will be a place where youth can develop their physical literacy, teamwork, and leadership skills. Finally, it will be a place where families and friends can come together and build community. Civic Park will carry on the legacy of Civic Stadium with pride and purpose.

Is there a relationship between Civic Park and the Eugene Family YMCA?

There is not a direct relationship between Civic Park and the YMCA. However, ECA views the two facilities as having complementary goals. The YMCA focuses on providing after-school care and activities for children as well as membership fitness programs for adults. Civic Park will provide team sport and recreation opportunities for children and adults through local recreational leagues. It will honor Kidsports’ motto “All Kids Play.” Civic Park will also host community events and sporting tournaments.

How did the fire affect ECA’s plans for the site?

The fire was a big setback for Civic Park. The original plan included the renovation of the historic grandstand. The fire destroyed those plans and, due to budgetary constraints on the project, the new plan calls for the site to include 2,500 seats in the grandstands, rather than the original 6,800. Initially, the new grandstand will not feature a roof over the seating as the historic Civic Stadium grandstands did. The fire also delayed the planning and construction process for 18 months due to the cleanup, demolition, and the need to develop new architectural plans and a new construction budget for the project. Civic Stadium served as a community gathering place for seven decades and it was with a heavy heart that we witnessed the destruction of the place where so many fond memories began. The structure is gone but the spirit of community, recreation, and pride of the place lives on.

Will baseball be played at Civic Park?

After an in-depth debate and exploration into the feasibility of including a baseball field on the site, the difficult decision was made not to integrate a baseball field into the site plan. The space simply isn’t big enough for two fields and the Fieldhouse. Nonetheless, the turf field could be used for pee-wee t-ball.

Will the lighting on the field impact the surrounding neighborhood?

The Civic Park field will be illuminated by LED lights. In the past, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights have been used to light athletic fields. The main differences between LED and HID lighting are energy efficiency and photometrics. LED’s use far less electricity than HID lights. They also offer greater ability to control light output (photometrics) than traditional HID lights. These differences are the result of the structure of each type of light. HID fixtures use one bulb and the light is directed using a parabolic reflector, essentially a curved mirror that directs light in the intended direction. LED fixtures have hundreds of individual diodes, each with its own individual lens that directs the light to specific areas. Thus, LED light projection offers more control and containment capability than HID.  
The height of the light posts at Civic Park will also help contain the lighting to the field area. The poles at Civic will be 90′ tall. Taller poles direct the light output downward onto the field, instead of horizontally, decreasing the amount of spill and glare into neighboring properties.

What are the plans for parking on the site?

Plans for on-site parking meet the City of Eugene’s requirements for daily use. There will be some events at the facility that exceed the on-site parking limits. We are working to alleviate parking on neighborhood streets by using South Eugene High School for event parking and by encouraging fans to use the city’s parking facilities, LTD buses, and to bike or walk to events.


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