Look who’s supporting Civic Park

Civic Park will support the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce’s economic development initiatives by hosting events … that will serve as an economic engine for our community. The Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce fully supports Eugene Civic Alliance and the Civic Park project.

Brittany Quick-Warner
CEO, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

[Civic Park] will add important quality recreational programs for residents, as well as to the area’s ability to attract sporting events and spectator spending.

Kari Westlund
President & CEO, Travel Lane County

[Civic Park] will serve as a welcome sports tourist destination that can help us secure new sports events. … It is a strategic investment in the future of our state’s youth and our state’s economy.

Drew Mahalic
Special Consultant, Oregon Sports Authority

Eugene Timbers is a top quality soccer program for competitive youth players. What we lack are enough playing fields to meet the needs of our kids. I envision lots of opportunities for us to rent the field throughout the year. We encourage you to help ECA build Civic Park, a place that will help increase the availability of facilities for local play and that will also help our town become a sports tourism destination city.

Jurgen Ruckaberle
Director of Coaching, Eugene Timbers Fútbol Club

Lane United FC is delighted at the prospect of playing at the new Civic Park facilities. … Bringing back a neighborhood stadium, with much better pedestrian connectivity to Willamette Street, will mean families and friends will once again be able gather in support of their local team and create lasting memories for old and young alike.

Dave Galas
Managing Director, Lane United FC

Civic Park would be a central venue for rugby players who now travel to a far corner of Eugene to practice and play. Access to indoor and outdoor facilities for clinics and meetings would boost our sport enormously.

Doc Ventner
Executive Director, School Sevens Rugby

The plans we have for Civic aren’t about something that would be ‘nice to have.’ This is fundamental to our ability to raise healthy kids and have them grow into active adults. … Today, without enough functional, available space to play, most kids miss out on what is truly the most cost effective form of health care. We can’t fail them.

Bev Smith
Executive Director, KIDSPORTS

Capella Market whole heartedly supports giving kids an opportunity for fun and exercise in our neighborhood.

Capella Market

As a lifelong resident of the area and a local business owner, I could not be more excited for the build out of Civic Park. Having an a sports arena in the heart of the community to bring together residents and visitors for games and activities makes our community even more attractive. The investment from community members and businesses to help make this a reality, goes to show our commitment to raising healthy kids and promoting an active lifestyle. We are honored to support such an incredible project.

Erik Quick-Warner
Owner, Blue Bus Creatives