Sharing the Story of Civic Stadium

Dust off your baseball caps and dig out those photo albums. We’re looking for your Civic Stadium memorabilia! Help us celebrate the history of Civic Stadium with a time capsule full of memorabilia, photos, and souvenirs.

For over seventy years, Civic Stadium long stood as a gathering place for the community. As part of our work to continue this tradition at Civic Park we’re creating a time capsule of Civic Stadium memories.

The time capsule will be sealed as part of the grand opening for Civic Park in 2020. You can help future Eugene community members experience the magic of Civic Stadium for themselves by donating items for the time capsule.

ECA wants to hear from the community about what we should freeze in time for the future residents of Eugene to enjoy. photos, newspaper clippings, tickets, merchandise, and other memorabilia from Civic Stadium are all welcome to be considered for inclusion in the time capsule, along with any personal stories or memories you have fo Civic Stadium.

For more information about the time capsule, or inquiries about submitting an item, contact us at one of our upcoming events or through our website contact form.