Inside Civic – The Fieldhouse

In this week’s installment of “Inside Civic,” we take a look at the KIDSPORTS Fieldhouse. The fieldhouse is one of the most exciting components of the Civic Park project. Yet few people know more about it than the number of courts it will house. At 40,000 square feet, the KIDSPORTS Fieldhouse will include more than just basketball courts.

The main goal for the fieldhouse is to provide a space for KIDSPORTS to operate. In the 60+ years that KIDSPORTS (KS) has served the Eugene area, it has never owned its own facility. Currently, KIDSPORTS rents office space from the City of Eugene on Polk Street. League games are played at rented fields and courts in schools and parks throughout Eugene/Springfield. The fieldhouse will provide KIDSPORTS with ownership of their own facility. Its size and design will allow KS to expand their current youth programs and offer additional training for coaches.

Located along Amazon Parkway, the fieldhouse is about movement; both in the users of the facility and the structure itself. Architecture firms Robertson Sherwood pc and Skylab have designed the facility to be flexible and accommodate a range of activities and events. The main layout will feature four middle school-size basketball courts. These courts can be converted into two NCAA-size courts or into 6-7 volleyball, pickleball, badminton, or futsal courts. Having a flexible space allows the fieldhouse to adapt to the needs of its users. Whether it’s a KIDSPORTS Saturday basketball game, or a three-day regional futsal tournament, the fieldhouse will be a year-round hub for sporting events.

Apart from the court space, the facility will include office space and a conference room for KIDSPORTS, a health snacking alcove, storage space for KS equipment, locker rooms, and more. Programs within the facility will encourage movement and boost physical activity programs for youth and adults. The fieldhouse will allow KS to expand their current physical literacy programs and help more children learn the basic movement skills they need to live healthy active lives.

By increasing the number of quality courts available in Lane County, the fieldhouse will provide a boost to the local economy. Events hosted at the site such as regional tournaments or championship games will increase tourism to the area. The fieldhouse will also provide a boost to the health of our community by hosting after-school physical activity programs that provide children with opportunities to learn movement skills and positive character traits such as dedication, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Programs at the fieldhouse will not be limited to K-12th graders. KS will offer Toddler Tumblin’ classes to help children get an early start in developing their physical literacy. Adult fitness classes and programs will also take place at the fieldhouse.

The fieldhouse at Civic Park will promote healthy lifestyles. It will improve the wellbeing of our community by hosting innovative events and programs. The KIDSPORTS Fieldhouse will be a place for movement, for health, and for PLAY!