Inside Civic: Outdoor Features

Rendering showing site plan for Eugene Civic Park

Play is about being active, being social, and having fun. At Civic Park, it’s all about play. Every aspect of Civic Park was designed to encourage play. This includes areas outside of the main indoor court and outdoor field facilities. We incorporated play and physical activity into every available space in Civic Park. Three examples of this are: the two outdoor courts near the fieldhouse, the Pocket Park, and the Civic bicycle/pedestrian pathway. These three features allow us to expand the number of opportunities for play on the site to include recreational and transportation activities in addition to sports and fitness programs.

The outdoor courts at Civic Park will be located on the south side of the KIDSPORTS Fieldhouse. The two middle-school sized basketball courts can be converted into volleyball or pickleball courts. Our long-term goal is to eventually expand the fieldhouse to enclose the outdoor courts. This would create six indoor courts within the fieldhouse and allow an indoor track to be constructed on the building’s second floor. The track would provide a place for people to walk or run in any weather.

In the northwest corner of the site, just off the grandstand, the Pocket Park will be a space where kids can enjoy unstructured free play. This type of play is crucial to developing a child’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and social skills. Specific features of the Pocket Park are still being finalized so stay tuned for future announcements!

The bike path at Civic Park will connect Willamette Street with Amazon Parkway. It will allow bicyclists and pedestrians to safely travel between these two main thoroughfares. Players and spectators alike will benefit from choosing alternative transportation options when attending games and events at Civic Park.

From the Pocket Park to the fieldhouse, Civic Park was designed with play in mind. Whether you play a sport, watch games from the stands, or bring your kids to play at the Pocket Park, Civic will be home to many opportunities for fun, fitness, and play.