ECA & LUFC challenges soccer community

With Civic Park up and running, Lane United F.C. is partnering with ECA to help pay off Phase 1 construction costs with the Soccer Challenge!

Lane United F.C. has been a continued supporter of Civic Park since the beginning. They have partnered with Eugene Civic Alliance on fundraising efforts but also with local businesses that see the benefit the facility brings to the community. In the fall of 2020, between 200 and 400 middle and high school-aged kids have enjoyed the pitch at Civic Park per week.

“We are thrilled that the field is being used so much by kids and now the broader soccer community will get to enjoy the pitch as well,” said Dave Galas, Lane United F.C. Managing Director. “It is a great time to make a last fundraising push to make the facility operationally sustainable.”

To help keep the field in top shape, they are hoping to raise $20,000 before December 31, 2020. Not only will the funds go towards Phase 1 of Civic Park but they will also be matched, twice!

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First, Derek Johnson, co-executive director of Eugene Civic Alliance, pledged to match donations from the soccer community. For every $1,000 raised through the Soccer Challenge, Johnson will give $500, up to $10,000. That means the soccer community needs to raise $20,000 to maximize Johnson’s gift!

Second, the McKenzie Oaks Ranch Fund of Oregon Community Foundation is giving $1 to Civic Park for every $2 donated! This match also expires at the end of the year.

If maximized the Soccer Challenge would yield $45,000 towards construction costs, pushing Civic Park closer to the Phase 1 finish line!

“It is a tremendous opportunity to maximize the value of your gift, and show how important Civic Park is, and will be, to the local soccer community,” said Galas.

Donors who wish to step up to the challenge will need to type “Soccer Challenge” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” box on the donation page to ensure their donation goes towards the Soccer Challenge.

Thank you Lane United F.C. and Derek Johnson for challenging the soccer community! Donated today so the community can continue to play on!