ECA in the News

“It’s time. It’s smart. It’s an opportunity for children that the community dare not waste.” These words sum up the case laid out in a June 8th Register Guard editorial on Civic Park. They also reflect the feelings of every member of the ECA team. We’ve been given an incredible opportunity – to create something for our children and our community – that we cannot afford to waste.

In 1938, the citizens of Eugene came together to build Civic Stadium. Their efforts produced a facility that became the home of countless happy memories for more than four generations. Civic Park will carry-on this legacy of healthy fun by providing a space that will serve our community for generations to come. It will also address the need for field and gym space and fostering economic development by hosting sports tournaments and events.

The Civic Park project allows us to honor the history of the Civic Stadium site while embracing new possibilities for the future. To make this project a success, we need your support. Click here to show your support for Civic Park.

Previously, The Register Guard published an editorial on ECA’s bid for lottery-backed bond funds for the Civic Park project. The article highlighted the strong case for Civic Park including the economic and educational benefits the facility would provide to the community. By approving our request, legislators would not only significantly boost our current fundraising efforts, they would also send a message to cities around the state that ECA’s mission for Civic Park is one that is vital and can be replicated to foster healthy communities for all Oregonians.