Civic Park hosts new Kidsports program amidst pandemic

Eugene Civic Alliance is proud to host Kidsports’ new program, P.E. Fusion!

Our newly built sports and recreation facility is a dedicated space where children and adults can discover the joy of fitness. One of our primary goals when transforming Civic was to have a place where the community can stay active. We are excited to add 6 multi-sport courts and a multipurpose turf field for our community to use.

“The Kidsports Fieldhouse at Civic Park is a place to re-imagine youth sport and physical education programs,” says Bev Smith, executive director of Kidsports.

P.E. Fusion is doing just that! It is offered 4-days a week at Civic Park while schools transition to distance learning. Sessions are 3-hours and led by an experienced P.E. teacher. The program develops children’s agility, balance, coordination, speed, cardiovascular endurance, and strength all while having fun! Spots are still available. Register your child today!

Kids play safe at Civic Park! We follow the Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 regulations to ensure your child’s safety. Our policies include:

  • Staff and participants are required to wear face masks and maintain social distancing when possible. Regular breaks will provide relief for children from wearing masks.
  • Sessions are limited to 60 kids who will then be separated into small groups of 10.
  • Equipment is sanitized regularly.
  • Doors are kept open to allow for airflow.
  • Children are asked to bring water bottles to refill at Civic. Water fountains are closed.
  • Other safety and sanitation regulations can be be found here.

We are excited about the future and look forward to seeing Kidsports expand its programs at Civic Park. See you at Civic!