Announcing Our New Owners Representative

The ECA is pleased to announce that Carole Knapel has been hired to be the organization’s owner’s representative during construction of the new facility.

carol-naples“An owner’s representative makes sure that everybody on the project team has what they need to do the work that we need,” says Knapel. “I am an advocate for the project and it’s my job to see that the budget is followed, the schedule is followed and that the scope of the project meets the expectations of the owners.”

Knapel has helped many organizations through the construction process—watching out for the owner’s best interests as a complex project develops. She worked for the City of Springfield during the construction of Sacred Heart Medical Center and the Springfield Justice Center. Past clients also include Peace Health, Bring Recycling and Planned Parenthood.

For exercise, Knapel walks a very special golden retriever. Tucker was abandoned in the streets of Taiwan and adopted by Carole through Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon. He is in training to do therapy. The next steps will be intern-type visits to senior centers and juvenile facilities. Tucker will learn not to jump on people and to be calm around wheel chairs and walkers. When he finishes his internship, he will be a certified therapy dog.

Knapel’s first priorities will be to complete survey work, finalize planning documents and then to build the team to do the project. She views Civic Park as one of the most exciting projects in the City of Eugene.