An “electric atmosphere” at Civic Park as fans come out to support the Reds

On June 4, 2021, Lane United FC played their first game in more than a year. They took on PDX FC at Civic Park in their home opener with ECA Executive Director, Nancy Webber, as honorary team Captain for the Reds.

Fans from across western Oregon traveled to the heart of Eugene to see their favorite USL League Two team play at historic Civic. One fan said he traveled from Portland to Eugene after hearing about the legacy of Civic Stadium. He knew he had to be at the first LUFC game at the revamped site.

The home opener coincided with Lane County’s move to “moderate risk-level.” Lane United was able to welcome 250 fans to watch them do what they do best – score!

“It was a great atmosphere, it helped us so much,” said Ed Port. “[Fans] helped and then when I scored it was a great feeling. With these kinds of fans, we can beat anyone on our day, they help so much.”

Fans feel they owe it to the club and the community to show their support after more than a year of staying at home.

The Red Aces Fan Club painted the town red with their die-hard loyalty. Filling the southwest hillside of Civic Park, the LUFC fanatics marched to the sound of bagpipes, lit red smoke bombs, and celebrate every goal to the beat of a drum as red, white, and black Tifo hung in the background.


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To avoid running afoul, they all brought masks, kept their distance, and were fully vaccinated before heading to Civic Park. At check-in, they showed their vaccination card and wore an “I’m vaxxed” armband allowing them to sit together and go maskless during drumming and chanting. Their number one rule “Follow ALL state-mandated, Lane United and ECA requested COVID-19 instructions. PERIOD. Do not cause these kinds of problems for anyone.

Young Oliver also showed his passion for the Reds. Sporting his Lane United jersey, he and his friend, Apolo, were seen running up and down the sideline – mirroring LUFC players and yelling “Go Reds!” During halftime, the pair grabbed a ball and imitated the moves of their favorite players.

As the night went on, red smoke filled the air as goal after goal was scored. The Reds described the atmosphere as “electric and the game was overflowing with drama.”

Even though the night ended with an unfortunate score of 4-5, it was the first of many nights that will be remembered at Civic Park.

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