Announcing ECA Sports Movie Madness!

In honor of the “madness” that overtakes the sports world this time of year, we are excited to announce the ECA Sports Movie Madness contest. Beginning Monday, March 20th, and running until March 26th, we will post one new movie matchup per day on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and on our website. Visit our pages each day to cast your vote for your favorite sports movie.

Each time you vote, you’ll be entered to win that day’s prize (see list below). You can vote up to four times per day – once each on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via the contact form on our website. We’ll announce the previous day’s winners each day of the contest. Good luck!

Daily Prizes:

Monday, 3/20 – $10 Off the Waffle gift card

Tuesday, 3/21 – Coupons for a half dozen classic Voodoo Doughnuts

Wednesday, 3/22 – $10 Euphoria Chocolate Company gift card

Thursday, 3/23 – $10 Off the Waffle gift card

Friday, 3/24 – Coupons for a half dozen classic Voodoo Doughnuts

Saturday, 3/25 – ECA t-shirt

Sunday, 3/26 – ECA t-shirt and water bottle