Inside Civic – The Fieldhouse

In this week’s installment of “Inside Civic,” we take a look at the KIDSPORTS Fieldhouse. The fieldhouse is one of the most exciting components of the Civic Park project. Yet

Inside Civic: The Field

A fieldhouse, turf field, and grandstand — these three components of Civic Park are often mentioned but few people know the range of opportunities each feature will provide. In this

ECA Team Member Named New Chamber President

This week, ECA Campaign Leadership Team member Brittany Quick-Warner was named President and CEO of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce. Quick-Warner began her career at the Chamber in 2013 as

Sit Less, Move More, Live Longer?

We’ve all heard it before, “sitting too long and moving too little are bad for your health.” Every week there seems to be a new study confirming that the more

Youth Sports: The Industry Eugene Can’t Afford to Ignore

Think of a multi-billion dollar industry. Picture the companies, investors, and stakeholders involved. Chances are, images of kids playing basketball or families traveling to weekend volleyball tournaments are not the

ECA Board Member Visits Project Play Summit

Last week, ECA board member and KIDSPORTS Executive Director Bev Smith traveled to Washington, DC for the fourth annual Project Play Summit. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, this year’s event

Can Physical Activity Boost Academic Success?

For many children, this week marks the last full week of summer vacation. As parents stock up on notebooks, pencils, calculators, and a myriad of other supplies to prepare their

Share Your Ideas for Civic Park!

In this video, Leo, one of our youngest supporters, shares his ideas for Civic Park. He talks about “having a space to play” and “playing just about any sport here.”

Physical Literacy: Learning to Train

This week, we continue our series on physical literacy by exploring the third stage of physical literacy development.  Once a child moves through the Active Start and FUNdamentals phases, they

Partnerships for Physical Literacy

Our ongoing series on physical literacy discusses the basics of physical literacy development. These articles discuss how physical literacy shapes a child’s development and success. Children who lack a firm