Special Event: TAO Happy Hour for Civic Park

We are thrilled to announce a special-edition TAO Happy Hour event benefitting Civic Park. Friday July 7th, the Technology Association of Oregon will host a happy hour reception and networking

ECA in the News

“It’s time. It’s smart. It’s an opportunity for children that the community dare not waste.” These words sum up the case laid out in a June 8th Register Guard editorial on Civic

Physical Literacy – Active Start Stage

Physical literacy is developed in three stages, beginning when a child is less than a year old and continuing until age 12. The first stage, called “Active Start” focuses on

Paint On!

Channel your inner Picasso and join us as we freshen up the paint on the wall at Civic. Painting will take place in two phases; painting outlines of the figures

Physical Activity Benefits: Social Health

Increased confidence, peer acceptance, leadership skills, and empathy; these are just four of the social benefits children receive from sports and physical activity. These four benefits can have a significant

Physical Activity Benefits: Emotional Health

Want to be increase your happiness? Get moving! A recent Canadian study surveyed over 17,000 people on their physical activity level and their overall happiness. Researchers checked in with participants

Physical Activity Benefits: Physical Health

New studies seem to emerge every week touting the benefits of exercise yet an overwhelming number of Americans still do not meet the CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate

Physical Activity Benefits: Cognitive Health

In the time it takes to read this sentence, one person will be diagnosed with dementia. With one new case of dementia being detected every four seconds, the number of

Celebrate Global Health and Fitness Month!

May is Global Health and Fitness Month. To celebrate, we want to share with you some of the ways that Civic Park can help improve the health of people in

Physical Literacy – An Introduction

If you follow Eugene Civic Alliance on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen us use the term “physical literacy.” But what does that phrase really mean? In honor of World