Giving the Gift of Play

Every city needs a hub; a central space where people can gather together and enjoy events, recreation, and entertainment. These spaces give a city life. They unite individuals and provide invaluable resources for all of its citizens. Whether they are cultural centers that signal a dedication to the arts, museums that highlight a community’s historic significance, or retail districts that showcase a city’s economic strength, the community spaces within a city convey a lot about its values. So the question is, what do we want Eugene’s community space to say?

Currently, Eugene lacks a central hub for community events and recreation. Rather than look at this as a weakness, we see this as an opportunity to capture the spirit of Eugene in a vibrant community center. 

Eugene is a city of athletes. For decades, collegiate and professional athletes from a wide range of sports have called Eugene home. This legacy is an important part of Eugene’s history and identity, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Most of Eugene’s athletes will not achieve international fame. They won’t sign endorsement deals or win major championships. They are everyday people who exemplify Bill Bowerman’s philosophy that, “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” And they need space to play. Eugene’s sports facilities do not meet the current demand for gyms and fields. Youth and adult sports alike struggle to find adequate space for practices and games.

Civic Park will address Eugene’s need for sports and recreation facilities. It will alleviate some of the burden on the city’s overcrowded and over-scheduled gyms and fields and provide a place where athletes of all ages and abilities can reap the benefits of sports and recreation. 

It will also create a central hub that Eugene sorely needs. Civic Park will provide the community with a space to gather together and enjoy the shared experience of watching a local soccer game, enjoying a summer concert, or participating in a neighborhood festival. As a center of the community, Civic Park will capture the spirit of Eugene and demonstrate to its citizens and visitors alike that Eugene is a city that values community, health, and play!

You can help us give the gift of play to our community by supporting our Give Play campaign this holiday season. Beginning on Giving Tuesday (November 27th) and running through December 31st, we’ve scheduled a full line-up of events, contests, and giveaways to make this year’s campaign our best one yet! Stay tuned for more information about the campaign over the coming weeks. And be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow us on social media for the most up-to-date campaign news. 

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