Eugene Young Professionals Summit is Coming!

The Eugene Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with local businesses and organizations, is bringing an exciting event to our area on June 2nd. The First Annual Eugene Young Professionals Summit will take place at Venue 252 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm followed by a networking session at 5:00 pm. The goal of the YP Summit is to “provide a space for future leaders, change-makers, innovators, and open-minded young professionals to get informed about our community, become inspired to take action, and learn what it takes to get involved.”

As an organization that strives to better our community by providing access to safe places for kids and adults to play and participate in sports, Eugene Civic Alliance is proud to be a part of this event as one of the breakout session presenters. One of our Board members, Jordan Kent, will also serve as MC for the event.

During our breakout session, we’ll talk about our plans for Civic Park and how it will address the need for 15,000 kids to find a safe place to play. We’ll also demonstrate how factors such as neighborhood density, rideable and walkable scores around Civic Park, and recreation can help bring more young job-seekers to Eugene. The need for change in how we view recreational facilities in Eugene is critical and we believe that local young professionals have the ability to enact this change.

For more information about the YP Summit and our participation in this event, visit the YP Summit website or email [email protected]