ECA Team Member Named New Chamber President

This week, ECA Campaign Leadership Team member Brittany Quick-Warner was named President and CEO of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce. Quick-Warner began her career at the Chamber in 2013 as the Events Director. She was later named Director of Business Advocacy before being appointed interim President and CEO in March 2017.

She was the only candidate interviewed by the Chamber board. It is believed that she is the first woman to hold the chief executive position at the Eugene Chamber. In a recent Register Guard article, Chamber Board Chairwoman Mandy Jones referred to Quick-Warner when she said, “We are happy to have found a leader who is engaged in our community, has a track record of success representing the business community, and has had the benefit of working alongside a great chamber leader and mentor.”

Former Chamber President, Dave Hauser, began a leave of absence following a cancer diagnosis in 2016. Sadly, Hauser passed away in June 2017, following a 25 year career with the Chamber. Hauser’s positive attitude and dedication to the Eugene community made him a wonderful asset to the Chamber and the community as a whole and his presence will be sorely missed.

Following Hauser’s passing, the Chamber began the difficult process of searching for a new President and CEO. Quick-Warner’s experience and history working with Hauser made her a natural fit for the position. In the article, Quick-Warner stated “I am excited to continue this legacy of excellence that Dave (Hauser) created for this organization. The board is supportive of that and desires that I take an innovative approach to moving the organization into the future.”

We are proud to have Brittany Quick-Warner as a member of our Campaign Leadership Team. Her insight into creating positive economic outcomes for the local community has been an asset to the Civic Park project and we wish her all the best.